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 Interprofessional Education & Practice

Errors in communication, poor decision making, and failure to use available resources account for many of the errors so well documented in healthcare.  The cost of these errors is significant.  Patients are hurt.  Providers are frustrated.  And the only way it can change is to change the way we work—together.

Health Professionals working together

The Issue:  Academic programs and clinical departments are coming to terms with the realities of interprofessionalism for successful work in healthcare.  Students need deep knowledge on how to work with teams, outside their own professions.   Faculty need to know how to teach students in new ways that are much different than the ways that they were prepared.   Clinical educators and clinicians need to know how to improve their team based work in order to help patients, reduce errors, improve patient and staff satisfaction, and to be more efficient.  

What we do:  For educational programs we work with multidisciplinary teams to launch new IPE programs or to reinvent and build on current activities.  With consideration to the size of the unit and the numbers of different professions involved, we develop an inclusive model that focuses on patient centered, inclusive, team focused care.  Depending on the goals and needs, I invite consultants from a variety of disciplines to help with planning and execution of the work.  We have a four phase launch model that includes establishing program vision and goals, developing the faculty and tools needed, organizing a curriculum, and measuring success.


How do we start?  Just contact us and we will have a conversation and make an individualized plan for your interprofessional team to get started.   We can do information sessions for faculty and students, work with executive planning teams to develop an overall plan, and then help guide execution.  


How long does it take?  Again, depending on the size of the project, this work can take a few months or longer.  The work of our group is to provide information and guide the process.   The work of your team is to execute and work toward a sustainable curricular model.  We can be involved in any phase of the process or the whole process.  


How is cost determined for this work?  Cost is dependent on the scope of the project and the number of consultants required.   Each project is planned through ongoing discussion with the program leader.  A project that involves designing one interprofessional activity for your students will have a very different cost than the development of a comprehensive curriculum with learning experiences, faculty support and development over a multi year period.  


Is there a specific model for determining the scope of work?  We work with the program leader(s) to come up with a clear set of goals for the project.  After that is established, we provide a plan for achieving the goals with identifiable milestones to be accomplished.  The milestones serve as important points for evaluation of progress and determination of “next steps.”

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