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Special Innovation Projects

Are you ready to do some planning with your group?  Is it time to think about the next great project?  Is one of your programs or groups underperforming?   

Group Working on project

The Issue:   Launching new programs and revising old ones is not for the faint of heart.   Getting others engaged in your vision, developing a plan, and then implementing that plan are complicated tasks that take time and effort.   The reality is that these big changes always take teams of people, always involve lots of communication effort, and can be costly and challenging.  Designing something new, and then implementing that design, is a skill set that requires negotiation, planning, and execution.  While this work is challenging, it can build energy and pride among team members and can address big problems in your world.  So whether you are designing a new curriculum, a new program for faculty, restructuring your leadership team, or expanding clinical operations you need a clear path forward that assures the outcome lands on target.

What we do:  We can provide varying levels of guidance and support for you and your team as you plan your work. We use tools of design planning and human centeredness to assure that your strategy is focused and clear and that others are engaged and enthused for the project.  Using hands-on workshop formats, we guide you through the stages of development of your project and move toward your goals as quickly as possible.  We work hard to help you keep focused and also to see some of the less visible “potholes” that may be in play.  


How do we start?  Just contact us and we will have a conversation and make an individualized plan for your team to get started.   


How long does it take?  Again, depending on the size of the project, this work can take a few months or longer.  We work to provide information and guide the process.   The work of your team is to execute and work toward a sustainable model.  We can be involved in any phase of the process or the whole process.  


How is cost determined for this work?  Cost is dependent on the scope of the project and the number of consultants required.   Each project is planned through ongoing discussion with the program leader.  After an initial conversation, we will provide you with a proposal that describes the scope of work and expected outcomes.   Once we have agreed upon the scope of work, the time required, and any other resources needed we can provide projections for achieving your goal. 


Is there a specific model for determining the scope of work?  We work with the program leader(s) to come up with a clear set of goals for the project.  After that is established, we provide a plan for achieving the goals with identifiable milestones to be accomplished.  The milestones serve as important points for evaluation of progress and determination of “next steps.”  


What are examples of some innovation projects? Actually the list is limitless, but some examples of project that we have been involved in, include:

  • Launching a new academic program

  • Building (revising) a distinctive curriculum

  • Planning and organizing a new clinical simulation center for multiple disciplines to share

  • Reorganizing a leadership structure for a School of Health Sciences

  • Planning a new faculty evaluation system, appropriate for the health professions

  • Refreshing the health sciences library services for graduate students across many disciplines

  • Developing a new communications system for a school or a department

  • Improving student engagement

  • Revising the orientation program for graduate health sciences students

  • Planning a new clinical model for special populations of patients or clients

  • Restructuring external clinical partnerships

  • Building an efficient online faculty development system for the health sciences

  • Designing multi-disciplinary curricula or projects

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