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Leadership Advisement Partnership

My leadership advisement work focuses on sharing resources and knowledge, bringing best practices specifically designed for health professionals in education and practice, and helping leaders connect their work to positive impacts on patients.

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My own successful experience in several different healthcare leadership roles has guided the development of the model that I use to advise others.   The healthcare environment in education or practice is challenging at best. In a post-Covid world, the expectations are challenging, the resources are slim, and the work environment has changed significantly.  Traditional solutions are no longer the answer.  New approaches are needed to meet the new expectations.   Can we agree that professional training as a physician, nurse, physician assistant, therapist, or pharmacist did not prepare us for these leadership roles?  It is a different healthcare professions leadership mindset that is needed to do the critically important work of leadership.  


And yes, it’s about time.   Your time and the time of those on your team, your students, and your colleagues is hugely valuable.  Through this relationship, we want to help you save time in getting to solutions that you need and implementing them through best practices, using evidence where available, and bringing the best tools to your individual situation. 

What is it?  Over the course of several meetings we develop a plan to enhance your leadership, save time, meet goals, and support your work. We do this all with a focus on those people you lead and their work too.   The meetings are usually 60- to 90 minutes long and are completed using secure online technology.  Together we develop a plan and then work on a detailed set of solutions to help you meet your desired outcome.   Once we agree on the plan, we get to work!


What are typical goals appropriate for advisement work?  Starting a new role.  Dealing with complex relationship issues. Restructuring and reorganizing.  Getting buy-in.  Learning to guide and lead others. Transitions.  Crisis management. Supporting the organization and your boss.  Dealing with important decisions.  Communicating Effectively.  Prioritizing.  Time Management issues.  Giving feedback.  Personal brand building.  Helping the team manage change.  Career choices and decisions. Being more human centered.  Bridging the business and healthcare goals effectively.  Managing personal and professional time.


How long does it take?  After our first meeting we will make this decision together.   We can schedule our work around three month, six month, or nine month engagements.  I am deliberate about limiting the number of clients I work with at any one time, so much of my time is spent planning and developing resources to share with you, and providing tools to keep the work going.  Because we meet regularly, we can evaluate progress and exchange feedback.   


How do we deal with confidentiality?  The relationship is between the leader and me.  Period.  We work together to set goals.  At some points in our process, if you wish to bring in others you may do that,  but the focus here is on you, your work, and your success as a leader.


What is the fee for this work?  This can vary depending on the scope of work required.  Basically in a typical three month period, we would have weekly sessions and regular online check -ins via email.  During this time, I would also provide readings and tools to support your work.  The base fee for a three month engagement is $7500.  

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